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I heard that a lower strength monobenzone cream could be effective as a skin lightener. Could 5% monobenzone cream be used as a skin lightener?

The interest in monobenzone as a skin lightener has been growing in the skin care world but many professionals do not recommend using 5% monobenzone cream as a skin lightener. This is due to the way that it actually works on the skin.

Monobenzone is a powerful skin depigmenting agent that works deep inside the skin layers to completely destroy the melanin producing cells. It does not work evenly on the areas applied like hydroquinone so if you have normal skin, it may begin to look patchy and uneven until treatment is complete.

So, should you use 5% monobenzone cream as a skin lightener? The answer is usually no if you have normal skin but of course many people will try to use it anyway. It is important to know how monobenzone works before you embark on trying it.

Hydroquinone Didn’t Work For Me, Can I Use Monobenzone Instead?

In some cases, hydroquinone may not work for everyone or it may not lighten the skin more than 2-4 shades and you may then want to find something that is stronger. Since monobenzone creams are not skin lighteners, we recommend using hydroquinone instead.

If the 5% strength does not work, try the 10% hydroquinone for better results. In some cases, we may be able to compound 20% hydroquinone cream for you if the 10% strength does not give you the results you want.

If you have already started using monobenzone cream as a skin lightener, it is important that you complete the treatment. There is no going back once treatment has started, and this is why we urge you to consider how serious this treatment option is.

Patients with vitiligo that has covered more than 40% of their body or want to depigment need to begin treatment with monobenzone cream. This treatment can take a few years to complete fully but can be sped up by using higher strengths when possible.

Can You Formulate A Hydroquinone And Monobenzone Cream?

Both hydroquinone and monobenzone need to be the only active skin lightening and depigmenting ingredients in the cream. This is due to the natural of the chemicals, and they counteract each other.

Most compounding pharmacies will not put both hydroquinone and monobenzone into one product because each of them is meant for a different purpose. If you have purchased hydroquinone powder and monobenzone, we recommend you adding them to separate creams for the best results.

Have more hydroquinone or monobenzone doesn’t always make a product work better. Otherwise there would be 80% hydroquinone creams and 90% monobenzone creams on the market. The reason there are no super high strengths available is because it increases their volatility.

We want to make sure the creams are stable and long lasting. By keeping the strengths of hydroquinone and monobenzone less than 50% is because this raises the stability of the product.