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I want to use alpha arbutin powder directly on my skin for skin lightening. Is it safe to use raw alpha arbutin powder on your skin?

Many of the raw skin lightening ingredients are meant to be used in a cream form to help the skin better absorb them into your skin. Using the raw alpha arbutin powder on your skin will probably cause some serious irritation for those with sensitive skin. The raw powder will not work better if you try to use it on it’s own and may actually cause problems.

The best thing to do is to put the alpha arbutin powder into a cream that you can apply to the skin. Alpha arbutin is a great natural skin brightening agent that works well for those that want to slightly lighten their skin or maintain their current skin tone.

If you want to lighten the skin more than 1 shade, we recommend using hydroquinone cream short term to achieve this result.

Using Higher Strength Alpha Arbutin Creams

In a different blog post, we discussed that increasing the strength can sometimes work effectively but sometimes it can cause the cream to be unstable. It depends on the active ingredient used and alpha arbutin can probably be compounded up to 20% without side effects for most people.

The problem with higher concentration alpha arbutin creams is that it may not work as effectively as the lower concentrations. This means that even if you have 20% alpha arbutin cream it may not work 5 times better than the 5% alpha arbutin cream so you will be paying more for less effectiveness.

The last issue would be the cost. Alpha arbutin is very expensive and if you increase the concentration in a cream, the cost will significantly go up. If you are not concerned about this cost, you can definitely use higher concentrations of alpha arbutin creams and they may work better for your specific needs.

We are currently working towards higher strengths alpha arbutin creams of 10% and 20% for our customers. Once we launch them, we will notify everyone that is currently on our mailing list.

Adding Alpha Arbutin Powder And Kojic Acid Powder Together?

Alpha arbutin and kojic acid are both classed as natural skin lightening agents that work on the very top layer of the skin layer. They can help to brighten the skin and make the skin look more even toned. Since natural skin lighteners are safe to use long term, many people use them for years as a form of maintenance.

Using alpha arbutin and kojic acid together will not cause stability issues but it may not make the product work much better. It would be better to use each ingredient is different creams and use them together that way.

If you are getting good results from alpha arbutin, there is no need for you to use kojic acid creams. If the results you want are more drastic, then we recommend using a stronger skin lightening product such as 5% hydroquinone cream or 10% hydroquinone cream until your achieve the results you are looking for.

Once you achieve the skin tone you want, you may then switch back to alpha arbutin creams to maintain the results. Of course, you will need to continue to avoid excessive sun exposure because your skin will still tan. Alpha arbutin does not prevent tanning so if you are sun bathing or not protecting your skin, your results will be reversed.