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Ciara came on to the scene with her debut single “goodies” and she had her own unique style and look. But, many people are starting to wonder why and how she changed her look so drastically. Of course, many celebrities get plastic surgery but that is not all that has changed with her appearance. So, the question is, did Ciara lighten her skin with a  skin lightener?

The first thing you will notice in the before and after photos are the change in her skin tone and the shape of her nose and chin. Although the lighting may be different in both pictures, that does not explain the entire change of her look. Many celebrities and female musicians have a lot of pressure to look a certain way, you can this “perfection”.

This is not realistic for the vast majority of people but when you have a lot of money to spend to achieve this “look”, anything is possible. Ciara may be looking for a certain look and decided to lighten her skin and change the shape of her nose, cheekbones and chin to achieve the look she desired.

Celebrity Skin Lightening: How Do They Do It?

We will never really know exactly what they are using but there is a good chance that it is hydroquinone. The reason we believe it to be hydroquinone creams is because it is the gold standard for skin lightening. It works very well to remove excess pigment producing cells in the skin layer which then gradually lightens the skin tone.

Hydroquinone has been used for almost a century in different strength to treat skin discoloration caused by scars, hyper-pigmentation, melasma, birthmarks, and many more conditions.

It’s track record of be effective and safe makes it the go-to treatment for most patients and doctors. Although going to a regular derm may only get you up to 10% hydroquinone, it is still a great option.

However, for really drastic changes in skin color, some celebrities may be opting to use higher strength hydroquinone even if it is not available from most dermatologists offices. This is when custom formulations come in! Ciara may have had her skin lightening cream custom made by a private company that will keep the information confidential.

Could Ciara Tan And Get Darker With Sun Exposure?

Another question is whether the skin lightening is permanent or temporary. If hydroquinone creams are being used to achieve skin lightening, any excess sun exposure may show skin tanning. Since hydroquinone creams are not permanent skin lighteners (there is not such thing, only monobenzone creams are permanent) there is a high likelihood that Ciara would tan if she was sun bathing on the beach.

However, even if you tan from sun exposure, as long as you keep using the higher strength hydroquinone it will counteract the effects of the sun. This means that you may tan but then the hydroquinone will begin to remove the tan quickly.

Sun exposure has another affect: sun sensitivity. If you continue to use hydroquinone creams and stay out in the sun for hours, you skin may become more sensitive to the sun and appear pink. This may not be a sunburn but your skin does not have the protective affect of melanin so it may become damaged.

We always recommend staying out of the sun while using hydroquinone creams and if you discontinue the cream, you can gradually stay in the sun longer and longer.