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I am looking to try natural skin lighteners that will keep my skin tone bright throughout the summer and avoiding a tan. Which is more effective for natural skin lightening: alpha arbutin or kojic acid cream?

Natural skin lighteners are becoming more popular with those who want a long term skin care treatment and as a way to maintain their complexion. Both alpha arbutin and kojic acid work in the same way and are temporary forms of skin brightening that will help you look more even toned.

Natural skin brighteners do not give you a drastic skin color change but a more subtle change that can be maintained long term.

Since alpha arbutin and kojic acid rarely have side effects, they are safe to use long term. Many people have been using natural skin brighteners for years without any negative skin effects.

The important thing is that you protect your skin from excessive exposure to the sun. Alpha arbutin cream and kojic acid cream do not prevent skin darkening. So, if you want to avoid further tanning, you will still need to reduce the time you expose your skin to direct sunlight.

Helpful Tips To Avoid Excessive Tanning This Summer

Usually the summer is the most difficult time to avoid tanning but here are a few tips:

  • Wear a hat (there are many fashionable ones available)
  • Wear light long sleeve clothing
  • Use sunblock when you need to be out in the sun
  • Avoid going out between 10am and 2pm
  • Stay in the shade when you are at a park
  • Use the sun visor in your car

As you can see, there are many ways to avoid excessive tanning this summer. But sometimes it will be impossible to avoid, don’t worry, a few occasions of sun exposure will not make your tan irreversible.

Alpha Arbutin VS Kojic Acid VS Hydroquinone

If you had a chance to try these three products, you would be able to determine which is right for you. However, many of you probably did not get a chance to experiment to see how your skin reacts to each of these skin lightening agents.

Each skin lightening agent has a specific purpose and which one you ultimately choose will depend on your skin care goals. For some, hydroquinone creams are the only products that work for their dark spots, melasma and scarring. For others, they swear by alpha arbutin or kojic acid creams.

We always recommend allowing at least 8 to 12 weeks before making the switch. This is due to how long it takes your skin to adjust to new skin care products. You will probably see results before this time but if you haven’t; give it a little more time.

It is also not recommended to keep switching skin care products every few weeks because this can be hard on your facial skin. You want to give your skin time to adjust and not surprise it with new products constantly.

Whichever product you choose to you, keep a diary of the skin changes you see. It may also be helpful to take photos in the same location and time every day because you may not notice small changes if you are evaluating simply by your eyes.