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Vitiligo is a skin condition that consists of large colorless patches on the skin. This is an autoimmune issue where the body attacks the melanocytes and causes depigmentation in the skin but unfortunately, it is quite uneven. This is because the process in the skin is random and you can’t control where on the face and body it will occur.

The most common areas of natural depigmentation due to vitiligo are the face, hands, chest and feet. When the condition begins to affect more than 20% of the skin, doctors tend to recommend that the person begin depigmentation with monobenzone cream or re-pigmenation with light therapy.

Re-pigmentation isn’t permanent so you will need to continuously go back for more treatments. This is why many people choose depigmentation with monobenzone instead because it is a permanent treatment. Once you have completely depigmented the skin, you won’t need to continue to use monobenzone cream.

How Long Will Depigmentation Take?

The number on question we receive about monobenzone cream is: how long will it take? Complete depigmentation can take a number of years but many people are happy with 80% results especially if their face, hands, feet, legs and arms are complete depigmented. This is because these areas are the most commonly shown during the summer months.

Of course, if you want 100% depigmentation, you will need to continue to use monobenzone cream until your achieve this result. Remember, monobenzone works throughout the body and not just where it has been applied. It takes about 6 months to 1 year to see more than 50% depigmentation in most people. But, you may need to use monobenzone cream for several years to complete the treatment.

Once the treatment with monobenzone cream is complete, you will need to be careful with sun exposure. This isn’t because the sun will darken your skin but because your skin is far more sensitive now and it can cause damage without sun protection.

We recommend that you avoid direct sunlight between 10am and 2pm when the sun’s rays are at their strongest.

Did Michael Jackson Use Monobenzone Cream

Michael Jackson was said to have suffered from vitiligo and if this is true, the only product he could have used to treat it would have been monobenzone cream. He probably went many years with wearing makeup while the depigmentation process was continuing.

Many people who use monobenzone to treat their vitiligo do not share their stories because of the stigma associated with changing your skin color. Even though depigmentation is a medical treatment for a skin condition, some people feel pressured not to change their skin color even if it is patchy. This is especially so with African Americans.

It is not self hatred to treat vitiligo and there is nothing to be ashamed of. If someone thinks  that you are whitening your skin for superficial reasons, you should let them know the vitiligo is a real skin condition that is caused by an autoimmune response in the body.

Monobenzone is a safe treatment alternative for complete 100% depigmentation that is permanent. There are very little side effects and it can be applied anywhere in the body with affects throughout the skin. For example, if you apply the monobenzone cream to your legs, it will be effective on the rest of your skin due to satellite depigmentation. This is great because you don’t need to apply monobenzone cream everywhere.

For those of you looking for benoquin cream, remember that it is a brand name of monobenzone cream. Both contain monobenzone the only difference is the manufacturer of benoquin put a brand name on the product and charges more for it.