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Customer Testimonials

Shonda K.

Thank you so much, I received my 10% hydroquinone cream within 3 days! I love that you offer free shipping and prompt responses to my email. I am also wanting the get the retin-a cream but it has been out of stock, hopefully you have it available soon. I will definitely be ordering again.

S. B.

I suffer from vitiligo and has recently started spreading all over my body and have been looking for monobenzone cream that will help me with depigmentation. Thank you for offering products that really work and helping me with any questions that I have.

Tiffany S.

Finally! I found a legit company that makes stronger skin lightening creams. I have been dealing with acne scars my entire life and the 2% hydroquinone at stores just doesn’t work. I ordered both the 5% and 10% hydroquinone and they are both great.

J. R.

Been buying your 10% hydroquinone for a few months now and it works great! Hoping that you guys keep it in stock forever.

Lilly M.

What can I say, Mazjin has the best customer service. My first order was lost by the courier and they shipped out a replacement the next day. I will be buying my skin care products from you for a long time!!! Thank you.

Miss Tanya

I didnt expect to get the product within 2 days, but glad I did. The monobenzone cream is great and I am treating my vitiligo. I use to be able to get it from my pharmacy but they stopped compounding it for me. Im happy I am able to get it quickly from your company.

Marby from S. Africa

Thank you, thank you thank you! You guys are very reliable, I got my order within 1 week from the US. Love the hydroquinone because I have not seen any side effects and it is real hydroquinone. My skin has lightened a lot and now I am using it to keep it light.

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